Waiting for the significance

Waiting for the “thing” to happen

To make life ring, to sing, with purpose

To wake very morning automatically ALIVE and my course set plainly before me

… to change the world today.


Waiting… for the “it” that never comes

Growing frustration that it probably will not

… then…

Realization that waiting on God, life, other people to bring “it” to me is futile

That’s just not how it works!


Rather, God has told me already what matters to him

He is waiting on me to agree with him,

That here, now, right in front of me are the people

Who need what God wants to do for them

Through me

THIS is the “IT” I’ve wanted

To make a real difference every day.


Instead of waiting for IT to come to me,

I recognize that IT is THEM, it’s YOU,

Right here, right now

Loved by God, loved by me in practical ways

By his great love, justice, truth and compassion.

Living life united to my Father and to those around me


So, this is IT.

At last. Peace and total engagement in every day.



 (Matthew 25.31-46)

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