Simply Follow

From Charl in South Africa: "Thank you for SF I enjoy it and use it."

From Eman in the Phillippines: "I like your book "Simply Follow." Very simple to understand and easy to share with others. I am reading it right now. And I'm thinking that we can use this here in the Philippines to disciple others."

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Simply Follow is a set of concepts for personal spiritual growth, building community and following Jesus as the New Testament shows us. While there are principles in Simply Follow that will never change, there is always room for growth and greater understanding over time. Please send your comments and stories (see "contact us"). The full version and a condensed version are available electronically below. 

Also, SF can be  a useful starting point for a focused discussion with friends about what it would look like to simply follow Jesus today, right here - right now. That discussion would be like seeing a house before you buy the house. 

Simply Follow - condensed version

Simply Follow - full version - print as booklet

Simply Follow - full version - 8.5 x 11

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