Only Revolution!

In all seriousness, I don't think reformation will get done what God wants. I am convinced nothing short of revolution will do. I will be brief for time's sake:

 Virtually everything called "church" in the world today has deleted and added to the gospel and made a mess of it. "The world" can't see Jesus because of all OUR favorite clothes and decorations we've hung on him. Instead of the Son of God and friend of sinners, he looks more like an alien blow up doll. ... We need a clear picture of who he is.

 In the New Testament, there was no "thing", no "organization" and no business to build "for Jesus". There was following Jesus and helping each other follow Jesus, period.

 The early disciples in Acts 17 were accused of turning the world upside down. For hundreds of years - almost universally - the world has just yawned at "the church".

 God-given revolution will come with fire, blood, humility and service. It will produce nothing less than the life of God coursing through his people and to the world around us!

 *Fire – We put everything we think, believe and do in front of God so he can burn up whatever he wants to. Expect lots of ash. This is a process, but a lot can burn in a short time…

 * Blood – God clarifies the things that matter most to him, the “first things”. We deliberately make those OUR “first things” as well. Draw the big, thick black line between truth and opinion here or we will wallow on in rampant confusion.

 * Humility and service – This is how we relate to each other instead of slavish devotion to the “organization” or beating each other bloody over minutiae. Talk has its place, but action helps get us on course and keep us on course.

 * Life of God – This is where he wants to bring us by greater and greater degree.

 History is full of attempts at reform that wind up being just a blip on the screen, then getting absorbed into the establishment again… and allowed to meet in the broom closet if that keeps us quiet in the REAL service of the church. Enough of that.

 This revolution is born of God’s heart. May we continue in his way.

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