First Things

This is the most important project I've ever worked on. Why? Because I see and hear many people who are adrift in a sea of confusion about core concepts in the New Testament. The New Testament (NT) shows people who were giving their lives for Jesus and his mission every day. What fueled and directed that kind of living? How do we recover it for us?

Above all, a clear statement of what really matters most to God is desperately needed in our day and beyond. Otherwise, we will NEVER experience the life of God in us as they did in the New Testament... and we will not be the conduits of God's love and power to the world that he has called us to be. Both, my friend, are simply unacceptable.

So, I invite - encourage - you to read and comment on "First Things". 

First Things - full version - print as booklet

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First Things - condensed version

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