Bob and Alex: The Quest


Briefly Put - Shorter Writings

Crippling Misunderstanding

I continue to find this crippling misunderstanding  among disciples today. It is the notion that to say there are core teachings that make up the gospel, which are absolutely true for all people…


I walked into the small study where he sat, a man well into his eighties, a full head of white hair, plus other typical signs of many years of life on earth, yet fit and spry. He noticed me and rose from his chair…

Dry Bones

I see them everywhere… all around my city… my state… dry bones. Dry bones that once were connected to …

Only Revolution

In all seriousness, I don't think reformation will get done what God wants. I am convinced nothing short of revolution will do…


Waiting for the significance

Waiting for the “thing” to happen

To make life …

A Work In Progress On the Nature of the Church - A Longer Writing

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